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Holiday Stress

The holiday season often brings the anticipation of good things to come. However, forsome this is a difficult time with the stress of the holidays, family demands and expectations, and shorter, colder winter days. While this can be a time of joy and celebration, too often people experience loneliness, disappointment, anxiety, even despair.

So, how do you cope? How do you maintain your emotional and mental equilibriumduring this and other difficult times? Youʼre no doubt familiar with the usual ways to relieve stress, but take a moment to review it and see if any would be helpful to you now.

• Prioritize. Remember that giving time and attention to the people you really careabout is generally more rewarding than how the house looks or buying the perfect gift.

• Schedule. After youʼve decided what you value most, be sure to make time for it. Adaily planner may be especially useful now to keep you organized.

• Eat well, get enough sleep and exercise. Taking care of your physical needs will helpincrease energy, decrease tension and keep you healthy so you can do everything you want this season.

• Relaxation. The more active you are, the more time you need to relax and recuperate.Take a short nap, listen to music, read a book or get a massage.

But sometimes this isnʼt enough. How do you distinguish between the expected stressand pressures of the season, and what may be a more serious, disabling condition. You might see it when you realize your usual functioning level at home, work, or in relationships is not enough, or itʼs absent altogether. A recent loss of a loved one, financial worries and family conflicts may show up now as anxiety or depression. If you find it difficult to get through this on your own, give me a call and letʼs talk. Everyone needs a little help now and then.


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